All About Outdoor Signs

Outdoor/External Signage.

What is it, why is it important and the different types.

Outdoor Signs are signage that are placed or installed externally from a building or next to the roadside.

The reason it is placed externally is to attract attention to passerby's, establish a company's location, spark interest or to deliver a message.

Okay, but is it effective?

Well, Yes!

Numerous studies have proven that Outdoor Signs are effective because:

1. It drives sales - A Worthy Return-On-Investment

The thought of having a great-looking-eye-catching sign is certainly scary when you think you have to spend so much money and not see any new business. All that money and effort just for people to drive by and not take notice.

Well, in reality - it is quite the opposite.

According to a study report by, they saw an average of 15.6% boost in sales revenue for businesses that decided to have outdoor signs. By utilizing eye-catching, strategic signage, businesses are bound to productively raise their profit.

2. It prevents lost business - Sales are in the hands of the sign-holder

According to a BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens study, 60% of consumers have made a sales-based decision just on outdoor signage alone. Have you ever looked for a specific business and can't find it? Well, that is a lost sale for them. What do you do next? You find a business in the same road that you can identify, you walk in and make the purchase. How did you identify that business? Outdoor signage!

Ok, this is all good, but what types of Outdoor signage do you get?

Enough for you to choose the right one and customize it your way!

1. 3D Lit letters (Fabricated Perspex)

Three-dimensional signage (sometimes called 3D signage) adds an element of depth to a flat sign's height and width. The shape, shadows and shading of 3D letters, logos and graphics catch the eye like no two-dimensional flat sign can.

It's made through a process where fabricated Perspex is bent and manufactured to a desired shape and size.

This type of sign is fully customizable and you opt for the option to add LED's which makes it stand out during the night.

2. Lightboxes

Lightboxes are exactly what the name suggests - A light-box.

It's a custom manufactured box with lights inside (Fluorescent or LED tubes). It has a 'face' that can either be a full colour print or cut out vinyl letters. It serves as a standard, yet modern looking sign during the day and illuminates during the evening. The face of the sign can be either PVC or Perspex depending on your budget and the size of the sign.

3. Steel and Aluminum letters

Steel or Aluminum lettering and logos cut out. These signs can either be fixed flat to a surface or with pins at the back to create a 'spacing' effect. The lettering and logos can be painted to a colour of your choice. It is a great sign that lasts for a long period of time and gives your establishment a modern and professional look.

This type of sign is fully customizable and you opt for the option to add LED's which makes it stand out during the night.

4. Steel boards (Chromadek)

Chromadek boards are manufactured out of a hardened steel. It is a great standard sign that is quite durable and it can be fixed onto a frame for different surface types and can be made as big or small as you desire. Cromadek boards come with full colour prints or cut vinyl applied to it. We can add a UV laminate for scratch and UV protection.

5. Stretched PVC Banner Signs

Banners are signs printed onto a PVC material. From the smallest print to the largest sign. It is a great economically-friendly sign that is durable, lightweight and it just simply looks great. It is printed with full colour prints both small and large-scale.

It is stretched over a frame with a beading on the edges to give it a pristine finished look. UV protection liquid can be added to extend the print quality while it is outdoors.

6. Frames and Pylon Structures

If you really want to stand out and attract attention, a pylon sign is the ultimate option.

It is made with hard and durable steel, bent to a specific shape and can be anywhere from 5 - 20 meters tall. It is also a great option as you can change the boards on it frequently without altering the whole design. Although costly, it is extremely durable and last for many years as we do maintenance on it.

We design, manufacture and install all these sign types.

You can get in contact with us here for some more advise or a quotation.

Or you can contact us at any time.

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