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1. What are Banners?

Banners are a material, usually made out of a substrate known as PVC. It is a highly versatile material which full colour prints can be printed onto it with ease. Full colour prints can be done either single-sided or double-sided, depending on your preference and situation. It is versatile, economical, lightweight and can practically be installed anywhere.

2. What are Banners used for and where can you use it?

Banners are usually used for advertising a grand opening, an event, promoting a special sale, advertising a product or service and to display a semi-permanent company image. Banners can be used anywhere. From tying it around a palisade with rope to installing it high up a building face.

3. The perks of using banners.

Banners are extremely versatile in size. You could have a banner that is the size of a small cup up to 20mx30m and beyond. Banners can be printed on a large printing format and welded together to increase the size. You can also opt-in for the option to add UV laminate to your banner to increase its life-span in the sun. If a banner is large and installed where winds are heavy, a frame and wind slots can be added to ensure safety. The lifespan of banners can range from 2 years to 5years depending on natural circumstances.

4. Economical.

Banners are an easy, quick and cost-effective way to convert your existing chromadek (steel) signs. Using a PVC banner and a spirit flex frame on top of your old sign. There is no need to remove your old sign thus providing for another cost saving element

5. The types of banners.

5.1. Flagpoles - Usually used on the border of an establishment to display company names. These banners are fastened with rope around a frame to ensure ease of change. Once the flagpoles are installed, it is a great economical option as the banner sizes are usually not exceptionally big and can be changed with ease.

5.2. Banner stretched onto a frame - Even though this option is usually used to display the name of a company, it can be used for any reason. These banners are usually installed at shopfronts onto walls or palisades to promote a business. It is a more permanent option.

5.3. Banners for existing frames - These are just banner prints that are installed into existing frames. It is usually used next to highways and locations that get high visibility.

5.4. Events banners - These are banners with eyelids and rope. It is usually tied to palisades or a place where it will be noticed. These banners are temporary but still cost-efficient.

5.5. Promotional banners - Pull-up banners, x-banners and pop-up banners. These banners are also usually used for events but it is a more portable option. These banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Banners are convenient for their ease of installation and affordability. It provides a large space of visibility that can increase a company's sales and recognition. Their versatility is something most companies look for. Banners are one of the best options for your business to stand out from your competitors.

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