Colours and bleeding.

Updated: Jul 13

Why it is an important factor to consider when planning your signs.

In the modern world, colours play a vital role in purchase decisions and emotional connection towards a brand and business.

Research shows that the proper use of colour increases brand recognition by 80%. It also raises the visual appearance by 93%. A further 85% of consumers buy because of colour.

Each colour has a different meaning for the audience which affects their opinions and behaviour about what is advertised.

Importance of colours.

1. Clearly communicates your business values.

Colours are a great way to communicate with your audience. Through colours in signage, you can transmit the message that you want. For example, when you think of love, you correlate towards a red colour. When you think of modern and sophisticated, you think of a gray colour.

2. Visibility and attention.

To make your brand more visible, eye-catching, bright and funky colours are used. For example, a strong colour linked with other designs in signage attracts people’s attention. Colours in signage help to make the signs readable and recognizable.

3. Affect customer purchase decisions.

Once a consumer starts walking towards an item that has his or her favourite colour, the major part of the purchasing decision has already been made. A good combination of colours and design in signage will affect the buying process positively. Be sure to incorporate it into your designing process.


No, this is not a injury-related bleeding. When printing happens, techniques are used to ensure correct bleeding. It involve printing a design larger than the end product's actual size to cut out any unwanted white spaces at the border of your sign. Once the design you've decided upon is printed, edges are trimmed down to the desired product size.

Bleeding ensures that the correct printing size is always met and up to standard.

Is it necessary?

While using the bleed option is not necessary to produce a sign, it is recommended in order to ensure that your sign is printed as you designed it. If you desire your sign to be professional looking without any color variation along the border, then using bleed will give you confidence that the final product will match what you designed it to look like.

We add bleed, without any additional charge.

We design, manufacture and install all sign types.

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