Construction sites and signage.

Why they go hand in hand and why you can't avoid it.

Construction sites are always full of activity and more importantly, hazards and dangers.

We've previously wrote about safety signs in a previous blog post:

Construction sites signage focuses to warn people of possible dangers and outlines rules to be followed. There are different kinds of signage with different meaning. The colours, shapes and symbols all play a role in informing workers of situations they may face on construction sites.

Here are informative videos about construction sites safety rules and safety signs meanings.

When planning construction site signage, it is important to take these elements into consideration:

Determining placement.

Placement of warning signs should be placed near possible dangers or hazards and in line-of-sight so workers could easily identify the sign and the possible dangers.

Do not clutter.

When placing and installing signage for your construction site, it is important to not place a bunch of signs in one place. This prevents confusion with workers and ensures that the right kind of signs identify specific hazards.

Maintenance and visibility.

Signage should always be maintained and visible at all times. If a construction project runs into the evening and night, make sure there is sufficient lighting on signage.

Emergency exits.

People usually leave the same way they entered therefor emergency exits are unknown and not normally used. Exits should be clearly marked and easily recognizable. People should be able to easily identify an emergency exit in case of an emergency situation.

Types of safety signage signage usually seen on construction sites and their meaning:


Sites in progress of construction should have safety files. We at CJ Signs provide safety files and always have safety files on hand when doing a project on construction sites.

At CJ Signs, we adhere to all regulations and we are are your one-stop shop to manufacture and install safety signs and all your signage requirements.

We design, manufacture and install all sign types.

You can get in contact with us here for some more advise or a quotation.

Or you can contact us at any time.

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