Digital printing. Everything you need to know.

High quality printing at a quick turnaround time at low cost.

Digital printing has set new standards in the world of printing. Digitally printable vinyl's and digital printers has provided for a more economical and swift way to turn designs into real-life works.

What are digitally printed signs?

While it might sound like a complicated process, it is actually quite simple. Technological advancements has made processes more instantaneous and easier. A high-speed digital printer is used to print designs directly onto a substrate, such as vinyl and PVC banners.

The benefits of digitally printed signage:

1. High-speed.

Digital printers print at . This makes for a quick turnaround time and large volumes can be printed at once.

2. Affordability.

Because ink lasts longer than conventional printers, the price for a digital print is much lower than other kinds of printing.

3. High quality.

Digital printing is precise and ensures that every characteristic and colour in your design is perfectly printed.

4. Variety.

From small stickers to large-format prints, digital prints are highly versatile and could be used for all your needs.

5. Eco-friendly.

Minimum wastage and lasting ink ensures minimum materials are wasted and thrown away. While there are some wastage with every print, it is still much more economically-friendly than conventional printing methods.

Digitally printed signage are usually signage that is printed to either vinyl, paper or banner material. Examples are:

  • Roadside signs

  • Real estate boards

  • Indoor boards

  • Outdoor boards

  • Posters

  • Banners

Digital printing is the most popular form of printing used today because of all its benefits. It is sure to help you in your marketing and branding efforts.

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