Safety Signage

Why it is crucial in the workspace.

Just like any business needs proper facilities for the smooth running of day to day activities.

It also needs to adhere to the safety requirements incase of an emergency.

That is where Safety Signs come in.

But do you need to have safety signs in your establishment?

Well, yes.

According to SANS 1186-1:2015 businesses, small, medium and large, should have safety signs in place. These signs are usually SABS approved and are made with materials and installed/fixed correctly to comply with SABS requirements.

Safety Signage has one main reason: To communicate mainly through pictures and logos as to be understood by any individual, irrespective of their language ability, to understand dangerous locations and where to go in emergencies.

Important information about Safety Signs.


  • SABS Photoluminescent (Glow in the dark) Signs

  • SABS Fire Safety Signs

  • SABS Mandatory Signs

  • SABS Prohibitive Safety Signs

  • SABS Hazard Signs

  • SABS General Information and Safety Signs

  • Custom Safety and Fire Signage.


  • Triangle - Indicates caution or warning

  • Circle - Specifies a mandatory or recommended action you must follow

  • Square or Rectangle - Displays emergency and general information


  • Red - Emphasizes a potential of immediate danger, designates areas for emergency equipment

  • Yellow - Warns that precautionary steps should be taken to ensure safety

  • Blue - Displays mandatory instruction that usually accompanies danger or warning signs

  • Green - Designates locations of emergency equipment and evacuation routes


  • ABS Photoluminescent (Glow in the dark)

  • ABS

  • Chromadek (for outside use)

All Safety Signs can be either single sided or double sided and have options with or without frame - depending on where and how it would be installed or fixed.


  • The installation of safety signage has to adhere to regulations. It is important to find someone who knows how to install it according to regulatory standards.

Safety Signage codes:

At CJ Signs, we adhere to all regulations and we are are your one-stop shop to manufacture and install safety signs.

We design, manufacture and install all sign types.

You can get in contact with us here for some more advise or a quotation.

Or you can contact us at any time.

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