Vehicle Branding


The never ending struggle to figure out which marketing effort and technique is the best. You are always contemplating each option and over thinking if your return on investment would be worth it. Vehicle branding is said to increase brand recognition by 15 times and even though it could be a costly investment, it is a once-off cost that is sure to get your brand recognized.


First impressions - Well designed graphics on a vehicle is sure to turn heads and create a lasting impression.

Maximum exposure - Whether you are parked, in a traffic jam, travelling, or just quickly popping in by your local shop, people will notice.

Brand awareness - Boost your name and brand. Passing a plain white car or van? No one takes notices - a coloured, well-designed and professionally applied vehicle branding however, WILL definitely get noticed.

One time cost - There are no reoccurring payments with vehicle branding. Once applied, you are good to go for 3-5 years.

Flexible - Whether you are looking to get a full wrap, partial branding or just simply a logo, it is entirely flexible. What you want or need, you get.

Non-aggressive marketing - Adverts these days are always demanding your attention and considered "in your face". Vehicle branding is a very passive way of getting your name out there.

The types of Vehicle Branding:

Partial Branding - Partial branding usually only contains the most important information - Logo, company name and contact info. It is a cost-effective, quick and easy solution for someone who is looking for vehicle branding but does not want the full wrap.

Full Wrap - This is the "full package". A full wrap represents your brand in a highly positive manner. People are sure to take notice. A full vehicle wrap is expertly applied and can be removed after the vinyl reach the end of it's life cycle or at the end of an advertising campaign.

Magnets - Magnetic car signs offer a cheap alternative to the other forms of vehicle branding. It is still an effective method of advertising and provide for a temporarily or semi - permanent solution.


Your vehicle is an extremely effective marketing channel and it can fit in to your needs and budget. Vehicle branding can be applied on any form of transportation. Cars, bakkies, motorcycles, boats, trailers, caravans and all other forms of transport.

At CJ Signs - We expertly design and apply vehicle branding to help your brand get the attention it deserves.

We design, manufacture and install all sign types.

You can get in contact with us here for some more advise or a quotation.

Or you can contact us at any time.

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