Why you need window signage!

As you know, you should optimize every aspect of your physical location and company fleet.

A large attention-grabbing sign in front of your business is a great way to show what your business is about, but there are more ways to show off your services and products - Window signage.

What is window signage?

There are a few variations that are sure to fit your budget and goals, namely:

1. Vinyl window decals.

This type of window sign is usually a full colour print on vinyl (sticker) or cut out directly onto vinyl. It is typically applied to shopfront windows to display contact information, operational hours, logo's, and graphics or images. Vinyl window decals is a great substrate to use because of the freedom you have over the design and colours.

2. Sandblast / frosted vinyl.

Sandblast, also known as frosted vinyl, is a kind of vinyl that has a sandblasted look. Patterns, logo's and decoratives can be cut out directly onto the vinyl or a print/coloured cut vinyl could be incorporated into the design. Sandblast vinyl gives an establishment a modern and sophisticated look.

3. Contra-vision

Contra-vision is a type of printable vinyl that has small holes punched out. This gives the effect that, from the printed side, you can see the complete print and from the other side, you can see through. It is usually used on vehicle windows where the driver still has to see from the inside, outside. It is a great option for vehicle windows and windows where you still need to see-through.

Why do you need window signage?

The answer is simple, it increases business exposure and it has a lasting impression on clients. It helps clients identify and find your business more easily and also contributes towards your marketing efforts. It is a noteworthy economical way to get your name out there.

We design, print and applicate all types of window signage.

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